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Bioinformatics provide an introduction tothe most important information proccessing problems in computational biology and and a unified treatement of hte machine learning methods for solving these problems. Students and Researchers in biology and computer science will find this a valuable and acceessible introduction to these powerful new computational technique as well as an authoritative reference for implementing and applying the methods. It also provides pointers to many online databases and resources that are essential for research in bioinformatics.


Bioinformatics constitutes the following elements, which are used to store, predict, and to view the biological datas.

1.File Formats

Defferent programs require that the information be specified to them in a formal manner, using particular keyword and ordering these specification is called file formats. Bioinformatics data are strored in data bases as a specific file formats. There are many file formats in bioinformatics datas.

2. Databases

A computerized storehouse of data that provides a standardized way for locating, adding, removing, and changing data. There are two types mainly Object Oriented and Rational.


Refers to the procedure of comparing two or more sequences by looking for a series of individual characters or character pattens that are in the same order in the sequence.Of two type of alignment,local and global, a local alignment is generally the most useful.

4.Prediction servers

Servers which available to analyze biological datas free of cost through online connection between server and client.


Programsor packages which are used to anlyze biological data.