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Sequence Alignment

[Pairways Sequence Alignment][Multiple Sequence Alignment Global Alignment Including Progressive][Iterative and Other Methods ][ Local Alignment of Protein][Phylogenetic Tree]

Sequence Alignment

Sequence alignment refers to the procedure of comparing two or more sequence by looking for a series of individual characters or character patterns that are in the same order in the sequences. Of the two type of alignment, local and global, local alignment is generally the most useful.

1.Local alignment

Attempt to align regions of sequence with the highest density of mathes. In diong so,one or more islands of subalignments are created in the alignment sequences.

2. Global Alignments

Attempts to match as many charecters as possible, from end to end, in a set of two or more sequences.


Pairways Sequence Alignment

Multiple Sequence Alignment Global Alignment Including Progressive

Iterative and Other Methods

Local Alignment of Protein

Phylogenetic Tree